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On my last trip to Gothenburg, Sweden, we stopped into Vallgatan 12 for lunch. The building has plants all over the exterior, so already you know the place is special. We were delighted at every turn. The ground floor cafe was super cute, and just invited you to stay all day.


While making our way up to the restaurant, we passed by a flower shop outpost (curiosity piqued), then tasteful displays of fashion (eeks! this place is cool!), and finally a heavenly section of home interior decor (swoons). To top it all off, the food was delicious. This is where dreams are made and tastes are fulfilled.



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While strolling around heaven the shop, I couldn’t pull myself away from the most interesting lamp. Shaped like a book, it is designed by Lumio,  a small San Francisco based design firm. Never mind that I could buy one at home in NYC from the MoMA store.  Never mind that I had little space left in my luggage. Never mind that the souvenir I wanted to bring home from Sweden was a product that was made in the USA. Once it was in my hands, no one was prying it out of my kung-fu grip!

I love it.

It charges up like an iPad.  While going through security at the airport in Stockholm, my bag was searched because from the x-ray it appeared to be something like a computer. When the security personnel asked me to open the box, I looked him in the eye and paused, for dramatic’s sake, before saying, “Are you ready to see the coolest thing in the world?”    He smiled and when the light from the book’s pages started glowing, he agreed, “That IS cool!” And a small crowd formed with questions about where they could find it, and I became THAT PERSON holding up the security line. That is the power of good design!




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  1. juancy March 28, 2016 / 5:24 am

    Soooo cooooool!!!
    Knowledge is illumination

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