Crystal Clear as Green

My parents blame me for causing my eyesight to deteriorate as a kid. They claim that I held my books too close to my face while reading. At age 10, I begged to get checked out for glasses because I couldn’t see the chalkboard at school. Sitting next to my four-eyed friend, I would often borrow her glasses to copy down the notes. Even then, my parents refused and told me that I only wanted to “be like my friends,” as if I was some sort of super forward hipster fashionista back in the 80’s. Yep, Geek Chic was always my style…

Dad’s solution to my poor eyesight was to tell me to stop reading. He prescribed me a daily regimen of going outside to look at trees in the distance. The further, the better. I stared at green blobs and hoped they would magically focus into trees, but no such thing happened. Finally, when I entered 6th grade, he gave up and reluctantly bought me glasses. But then he told me not to wear them, because of that myth that the more you wear glasses, the worse your eyesight becomes.

I should have been shipped me off to Taiwan, where the land is so fertile, and the air so humid, that something green is growing on every surface. Everything non-green is slowly evolving into green. Here in Taiwan, near and far, my eyes are always met with a green feast. Thanks to my laser  vision-corrective surgery, my 20-20 eyesight is enjoying this buffet of greens all the better! What’s next after 20-20 vision –  x-ray vision?

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  1. Catesby May 17, 2016 / 11:51 am

    No wonder your photographs are so compelling! I imagine your brain sips what it sees with the same appreciation as we do tea- those of us who have come to it from a distance 😉 Thank you for sharing the beauty of everything in and around you. It brings us all closer.

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