Priorities are slippery little things. At least mine seem to be. They never stay in order . I can be off doing something, then half-way through I feel stuck because I think I should be doing something else. Or an idea for some other project pops up and I’m off chasing this new thing.

This is a bad bad recipe, especially if you have a lot of projects happening. The advice is out there. We know that multi-tasking is just a myth. Everyone says, “JUST DO ONE THING!” But how do you choose that one thing?

There are the big career things. The self-development things. The health stuff (exercise takes time, y’all!). The creative stuff. The fun stuff. And that family music video project I was supposed to do last year but never finished. Oh! And I want to learn how to tap dance and play the harmonica. And…yes! I shouldn’t let my foreign language skills diminish and I need to make keeping up with that a priority. Plus, there are just so many books to read. So many things to learn. So many ideas to develop. And then there’s life. Everything feels like a priority. Ok, maybe the harmonica is not a priority, but when I’m overwhelmed with my own choices, I check out and spend a few minutes trying to blow a tune. I am terrible at it, and the sound of my sorry attempts makes me get back to the real work…which was…what?

Tiny Pinecone’s mission is to inspire others to live tealiciously, which means to live simply and beautifully, ideally with a cup of tea in hand and a nice pastry to nibble on.  Like this lovely oolong and homemade pineapple cake. Life should be this delicious and simple, all the time.


Things weren’t feeling very simple for me, so I went back and took a look at my values. The top 5 values that define Tiny Pinecone’s mission to LIVE TEALICIOUSLY are:

  • Simplicity
  • Beauty (which is a trick to squeeze 2 values into 1. Beautiful relationships, objects, lifestyles, consumables, words, and all other things are only beautiful if they have integrity, and quality. Aesthetics usually look good and feel balanced after the other 2 traits have been met.)
  • Creativity
  • WellBeing
  • Contribution

If you have a lot of ideas to pursue, and you’re not sure of which one to do first, or you’ve started them all but have finished none, I highly recommend looking at your values.

If your values are what guide you, and represent what you want in your life, then knowing your values will lead you to what you truly love.

With most things that like to be crazy and bounce around in the head, it helps to get it all down on paper and in to the real world. I charted my passions against my values, and was led to some clarity.  For you, I’ve made a downloadable worksheet, so you can do the same.


Click Here to Download your free Passion Priority Worksheet


I hope it is helpful. This is your life. #MakeItBeautiful everyone!
Show love, and please forward to a friend whom may benefit.




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