#EatYourFeelings – January

Black Sesame tuile.
Prone to shattering. Your strength is in your essence. 


If you have been following along on Instagram @tinypineconenyc , you may have noticed that the sweets I’ve made of late have gotten a little emotional. Some of you messaged me, concerned about my mental state. I’m sorry to have worried you, but THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE! I appreciate the kind thoughts. Really though, I’m well. Please don’t be concerned.

These new creations are being used to illustrate the depth and range of human emotions. They are also kept simple (no elaborate glazed entremets here) because simple does not mean it lacks quality, flavor, or craft. Tiny Pinecone has always been about the simple things, done well. Also, I like the challenge of portraying a feeling without going into the realm of “food sculpture.” Can less be more here? I will try…

(Recipe Fail) Miso Sesame Scones
Some things, no matter how hard you try, they still slip down to the bottom. It’s ok. Nothing is forever. Have patience, and let the good stuff rise to the top for you. 

For the longest time, I felt very numb. I didn’t know how to get angry or how to FEEL. Everything sort of washed over me and I responded to it all with a blank, “ok.” If my fingers had caught on fire, I probably would have just stared at them and observed. And then one day, I wasn’t disconnected anymore. Something shifted. Katy Perry’s voice would flood my eyes with tears. Really…Katy Perry? What was happening to me?

Hello Emotions.
Nice to meet you.

This is what you look like to me.
Honestly, you often taste better than how you make me feel.
But sometimes, you make me feel better than any flavor possible.

Darjeeling Shortbread
You had what you wanted, but somehow you broke it and damaged things. Your heart catches in your throat, as you attempt to put things back where they were.



Orange and Semolina Poundcake
From the French word “joie” (jewel). It dazzles us and takes our breath away. Like cake, it can not last for always, but you can always bake it up again.

Blueberry Far Breton
You feel exposed. Unprotected. Weak – because you bruise easily. This is you, bravely being you. You lay all of your beauty and imperfections out, with a sign that reads “handle with care.” 

Red bean and Creamcheese Cake
Red bean and Creamcheese made a cake together. The glue wore out and eventually it all fell to pieces. The heart is still shaped like a heart and beats like a heart, but there are gaps where some pieces were kicked around…possibly lost forever.

That completes the January gallery. What will February bring?

You can see me literally #BiteAndDestroy these emotions, and other sweets, on my new Instagram account:  @letmebiteit

Or, if you prefer YouTube, they can be viewed here.

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  1. Catesby February 7, 2017 / 3:42 pm

    This is unutterably beautiful. Totally perfectly imperfect!!! LOVE

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