What happens in your brain when you see a sign like that?


I laughed.

I had this urge to feed the chickens.

I mean, I was curious. What would happen? Would they go crazy? I think I’d like to see some out of control chickens. Besides curiosity though, a part of me just didn’t want to listen.

Recently my mom said to me, “You always do whatever you want to do.” She said it with tones of disapproval, but I sort of took it as a badge of pride.

yeah! That’s right! I do what I want cuz … what else would I be doing?

Also recently, a dear friend and I were discussing kids and parenting. You hear it all the time. Someone says in passing, “Awwww…he’s a good kid.” What’s a good kid? When I was coming up, the definition of a good kid was a well-behaved kid.  Being labeled as a good kid was what I strived for. I was taught to be quiet, do what I was told, and make good grades in school. I thought I had checked all those boxes and had done well until my friend said, “You are not well-behaved.”

Whaaaaat? First my mom and now you?! Is it because I want to feed the chickens?

Turns out, the answer is YES. It is absolutely because I want to feed the chickens.

I am no longer a kid, but no matter how old I get, I’m still trying to grow up and into myself. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been identifying with that “good kid” label, sticking around adjectives like: nice and respectful. Being labeled as a REBEL never crossed my mind, but that is exactly what Gretchen Rubin’s quiz labeled me as. I took the quiz twice just to make sure, and yep…I’m a rebel.

You may have heard of Gretchen Rubin from her book, The Happiness Project. She went on to write other books, including The Four Tendencies, which explains what kind of person you are, based on how you react to expectations (yours, and the expectations others put on you). You are either an Upholder, a Questioner, an Obliger, or a Rebel. As a rebel, I like to make my own choices and resist.  I dislike being told what to do, even if it’s coming from a funny little sign about chickens.

Now that I can acknowledge the rebel in me, I can be more aware and make better choices. However, I do think I am pretty good at meeting the expectations I have for myself. As long as I know what I want, I don’t need an accountability partner or a timer or some other form of reminder to push me along. I will get to it, because I want it. One of the expectations I have for myself is to always

Do Your Best

which translates into Tiny Pinecone as:

Make it Beautiful

So, since I may not like it when I’m being told to do something, the inner me tells me to do my best, which means I need to rise up to that exterior expectation…with a smile. Whatever I create, from building relationships to cakes, I try my best to make it beautiful.

Definitely take the quiz to find out what category you fall in to. It also helps to know the four categories, so when the important people in your life are acting in ways that differ to you, you may have a little window into understanding them better.




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