The Big Easy

Jackson Square





Those were my first initial descriptors for New Orleans. It was swampy humid. No wonder the city is overgrown with lush plant life. Music was being performed everywhere: on sidewalks, in the middle of the street, jazz festivals in the parks, by my table as I ate three desserts in one sitting. I only had a few days, but I had to taste it all! The city was a never-ending good time. New Orleans is like a girl who has partied a little too long and emerges into the early morning sun looking beautiful but tired.

Secret Garden

My reason to visit was to bike the city. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I participated in the event, Bike the Big Easy, and over 1000 cyclists showed up. It isn’t a race, although some people treated it as one.

It is the perfect city to cycle in, especially since it is FLAT and the roads are shaded by giant graceful trees. It is also an efficient way to do a self-guided and self-fueled foodie tour. I biked about 50 miles and am sure I came in dead last, because of .. ahem.. my self-guided foodie tour. A few stops to taste the local delights slowed me down a little, but I have no regrets!

Below are my visual souvenirs. Since I arrived with one small backpack and left with one small backpack, I didn’t bring back any physical objects, but the memory of my first date with Miss New Orleans will stay with me forever. And yes, I am definitely down to have a second date!

The only thing I raise my eyebrows at is the discrimination I experienced with cake. Everywhere I went, alcohol was flowing. On the streets people were carrying their drinks to-go. At the Museum of Art I was offered Chardonnay as I toured the galleries. (White wine only since red wine would have been an insurance liability). But then, I tried to bring my rum cake into the theater to watch Herbie Hancock perform. I was forced to throw it out. Nooooooo! Yet the theater had a full bar, right in the middle of the seats. People are allowed to walk around and drink during a performance, but not eat cake. What kind of values are these? 😂

Beignets. These came with DIY powdered sugar.


Loved this bike trail!


The first street car in the USA started here on Charles Street

Lake Pontchartrain

The Mississippi

Waiting for the ferry

Algiers Point

Making Pecan Pralines

Private Banana Tree Garden

The humidity

Banksy was here

And so was I


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  1. Rebecca November 11, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    These photos are so amazing! As a New Orleans native, it’s so nice to see the city from a new perspective! Thanks for sharing :)

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