Year End Reflections

Teapot Advent Calendar Reflection Question

I love December for the advent calendars. We should have them every month!

Today’s advent calendar reveal came with the cutest trinket, along with a lovely question. What have you learnt this year?  Let me think about that over a cup of tea…oh look, calendar you provided a teapot, thank you! After a pot of tea, here is


You have to dig deep to get seeds to grow. After 20 years of living in urban environments with nothing more than potted plants to tend to, I had long left behind my childhood of digging in dirt and picking up pinecones. Now I’m back to living with a front yard and back yard that needs maintenance. This year I missed apartment living where you pay your monthly HOA fees, and all that mess is cared for while you busy yourself with things like…having tea. Yard work is no fun. Although, using the leaf blower is kinda cool.

In Brooklyn, I remember moving my little potted herb garden around my apartment. Sometimes I would transfer to bigger pots and try to encourage them to thrive, but they always gave up after some time, and I would have to start over again with pot 1.

Maybe I’m just no good with plants.  Or maybe I wasn’t digging deep enough.

Here in Georgia, I planted ginger. BOOM!

and there was ginger.

I also planted hydrangeas. BOOM!

and there were flowers.

Each time the instructions said to dig deep. Deeper than I thought was necessary, but the plants know way more than I do about growing.

It just made me think on how I’ve been uprooting myself every few years. Not just addresses, but entire continents, careers and relationships, and how I’ve always viewed it as a negative thing. Even the word, “uproot” sounds traumatizing.

I’m planning for more changes in 2018, so it’s not like I’m setting down roots here, right smack in-between the front and the back  yard. However, I feel like some good seeds have finally been “planted.”  Not my feet. My feet are still in pots that can easily be shipped to new locations. But I dug deep to plant some seeds, and I put them in a good mindset. I think those are there to stay.

Like what Voltaire’s Candide said: “Il faut cultiver notre jardin.” 

Others may have learned this lesson early in life, but for me it took awhile. I always confused roots with location, and I blamed my traveling heart on my inability to grow. I was told my stability needed to come from something outside of me, and I believed it.  Skimming across the globe was surely going to keep me stunted forever, because the only way to move around was to “uproot.”  Well, I don’t believe that anymore!

One can totally grow in all different kinds of lighting and all different kinds of dirt. It’s all portable, as long as the seeds are planted firm and strong.

Who is excited for 2018?

These are my #gardengoals for next year. I’m getting swans! Gotta aim high.

swan garden lake dream



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