Tiny Pinecone


Once, there was a little teahouse on W.8th Street, in Greenwich Village.


Tiny Pinecone was a calm space for busy New Yorkers.

The tables were tiled, the walls were white, and the tea was pure loose-leaf.


It was a small dream-come-true for Lisa, where she could creatively combine all her loves:

pastry-making, tea, and design.  


In a short time, a happy community formed.

New friends were made there, along with many yummy memories.



The teahouse is no more, but the Tiny Pinecone spirit lives on!  


photo by Joseph Padiernos


Tiny Pinecone’s mission is:

to inspire you to explore – to live beautifully, simply, and TEALICIOUSLY.



What’s behind the name?

Lisa is from South Carolina, where pinecones are abundant.
Working as an interior designer in NYC, she realized the demand for overpriced pinecones was high during the holidays.
A business idea lodged into her mind, but in the end she chose to peddle pastries (and tea), not pinecones.  

I need some tea and sweets. Can I place an order?

Of course! Send an email to lisa@tinypineconenyc.com .

When she isn’t traveling and is in her Brooklyn kitchen, Lisa can fulfill any requests, from tea parties to weddings.